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Digital Agriculture For Smallholder Farmers

Digitization and Digitalization Framework for SHFs (DASA)

• Course Pitch
This is the introductory course to SmallHolder Farmer operations and dynamics of the value chains in which they operate. Specifically, the course introduces you to the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in currently operated linear value chains and the potential for emerging hardware & digital technologies to address these challenges and improving the profitability. The challenges around crop choice, agri-input procurement & management, production management, crop health management, harvest & post-harvest management and sales management elements would be introduced.

• Content & Assessment Guidelines
Please review the course outline below to set your expectations related to the content & certificate assessment needs for the course. You can complete the assessment and download Agribusiness Academy completion certificate. You can expect to complete this course and certification assessment in about 3-5 hours. We wish you a lot of success with the course/pathway and very sure that it will help you gain more clarity and execution confidence towards your outcome.

• Course & the Pathway Connection
This course can be pursued independently or as part of “Digital Agriculture for SmallHolder Farmers” learning & reflection pathway. The pathway is designed to understand how digitalisation in smallholder farmer value chains (starting from pre-production all the way to retail & consumers) is impacting their decision making capacity and productivity. The 5-courses in the pathway cover the hardware and digital innovations that are being deployed from crop choice, agri-input procurement, production management, crop health management, nutrition management, harvest & post-harvest management. If you choose to enroll in the pathway, you'll have the option to receive an extra certificate upon completing the reflection exercise for the pathway. Enrolling to the pathway also gives you access to our facilitators via the AA Slack channel. You can review and enroll to the full pathway by following this link: https://lms.agribusiness.academy/catalog/index/cat:178

• Contact
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  • Introduction
  • About this session
  • 1. Course or Module Outline
  • Part 1 - SMallholder farmer operations and their value chain
  • 2. Smallholder Farmer Positioning in the Industry
  • 3. Regional Dynamics of Smallholder Farmers
  • 4. Smallholder Farmer Value chains and Value Capture
  • 5. Challenges and gaps in SHF Value chains
  • 6. Case study of chilli cultivation
  • 7. Challenges to realise the business case for chilli production
  • Part 2 - Context of digitization and digitalization
  • 8. Potential of digital technologies to offer a business case
  • 9. Digitization and Digitalization Framework [06:27]
  • Key Takeaways and References
  • 10. Key Takeaways - Module 1 [03:22]
  • References
  • QUIZ
  • Quiz - (Module 1) Concept of Digitization and Digitalization Framework
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever