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AgriFoodTech Trends and Industry adoption examples (AFTE)

• Course Pitch
Hello and welcome to the course “AgriFoodTech Trends and Industry Adoption Examples”
We are aware of the growing interest in AgriFoodTech innovations by technology entrepreneurs and investors. While there are a range of technologies that are being developed we are witnessing a certain category of innovations adopted better than the others.

Here in this course we present you the technology categories that are witnessing and/or showing signs of good adoption. Technologies ranging from
1. Robotic Technology for Food & Drink
2. AI Technology Accelerating the Arrival of Personalised Nutrition
3. Adoption of blockchain type of technologies by industry leaders such as Starbucks
4. Use Satellite Technology to Boost Transparency
5. Social Enterprise Helping Small Scale Farmers Improve Profitability
6. Indoor Ag as a Significant Contributor to Food Production & food security
7. Climate-Friendly Rice Production using Gene Editing

Each of the trends and example learnings are completed through a knowledge booster question that will help your retention and most importantly application of the learning to your context.

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• Course & the Pathway Connection
This course can be pursued independently or as part of “AgriFoodTech's Value" learning & reflection pathway. The pathway is designed to highlight technological advancements within agricultural value chains that can improve decision-making capabilities and increase profitability for the value chain players. The pathway covers various aspects of business model design essential for agrifoodtech innovations to gain adoption and scale within agrifood value chains. You have the option to enroll in this course either as a standalone individual course or as part of the comprehensive "AgriFoodTech's Value" learning pathway and get access to this course alongside 12 other courses. If you choose to enroll in the pathway, you'll have the option to receive an extra certificate upon completing the reflection exercise for the pathway. Enrolling to the pathway also gives you access to our facilitators via the AA Slack channel. You can review and enroll to the full pathway by following this link: https://lms.agribusiness.academy/catalog/index/cat:182

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  • Introduction
  • Expect to See Substantial Growth in Robotic Technology for Food & Drink
  • AI Technology Accelerating the Arrival of Personalised Nutrition
  • Starbucks Connecting Farmers and Coffee Customers with Blockchain
  • “Big Agribusiness and Food” Use Satellite Technology to Boost Transparency
  • “Give a Little to Gain a Lot”
  • WeFarm: A Social Enterprise Helping Small Scale Farmers Improve Profitability
  • Making Indoor Ag a Significant & Profitable Contributor to Food Production
  • Climate-Friendly Rice Production in Prospect But Require Gene Editing Technology
  • Producing More Food Sustainably Requires New Tech & Traditional Farming
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever