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Food and Agriculture Business Models - Pathway

Agriculture Production Decisions (DN102)

• Course Pitch
Agriculture production can be considered the heart of the food ecosystem that is feeding all of us. There are several critical decisions that have to be taken from seed to harvest to maximize the yield. We believe that every stakeholder directly / indirectly involved with agricultural production has to understand these dynamics to make/assist the production decisions right.

Specifically, this course helps you to get a feel for these two elements

>State of agricultural industry ( type of farm companies, size of the farm holding etc.)
>Critical decision related to production
--->Choice of crop and variety
--->Getting the seeds right
--->Getting the Fertilisers right
--->Understanding irrigation
--->Managing the crop health for optimal productivity
--->Harvesting and post-harvest management

To strengthen learning related to agriculture production we have limited this course to getting the maximum yield leaving the agriculture production economics and marketing for other courses

• Content & Assessment Guidelines
Please review the course outline below to set your expectations related to the content & certificate assessment needs for the course. You can complete the assessment and download Agribusiness Academy completion certificate. You can expect to complete this course and certification assessment in about 3-5 hours. We wish you a lot of success with the course/pathway and very sure that it will help you gain more clarity and execution confidence towards your outcome.

• Course & the Pathway Connection
This course can be pursued independently or as part of “Food and Agriculture Business Models” learning & reflection pathway. This pathway is structured to introduce participants to a range of topics related to food and agribusiness, equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand the functioning of different stakeholders within the food and agribusiness value chains. The pathway introduces the concept of a four-component business model framework and the courses are thoughtfully designed around various themes, applying this framework. This approach helps learners grasp the fundamentals of creating successful and profitable businesses in the food and agribusiness sector. If you choose to enroll in the pathway, you'll have the option to receive an extra certificate upon completing the reflection exercise for the pathway. Enrolling to the pathway also gives you access to our facilitators via the AA Slack channel. You can review and enroll to the full pathway by following this link: https://lms.agribusiness.academy/catalog/index/cat:194

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  • Introduction
  • Welcome sample
  • Learning Outcomes sample
  • Lessons
  • Agriculture Industry Outline
  • Critical Choices for a Farmer
  • Choice of Crops and Varieties
  • Factors that have the most impact on a farmer's crop choice decision
  • Understanding Crop & Variety Selection
  • Crop Selection
  • Approach to develop the market for specialty crops that are unpopular
  • Getting the Seeds Right
  • Seed Purchase and Treatment
  • Getting Fertiliser Right
  • Chemical or Organic Fertiliser?
  • Efficient Fertiliser Usage
  • Irrigation
  • Pest Management
  • Plant Disease Overview
  • Integrated Disease Management
  • Weeds
  • Harvesting and Post-Harvest
  • Harvesting and Post-Harvest Examples
  • Service Needs for Agriculture
  • Assessing the need and reliability of technology service inputs
  • Case Study: Farm Again
  • Story of One Acre Farm
  • Agriculture to Agribusiness
  • Business Structures that improve the grower's business model
  • Assessing the grower's affordability for financing
  • Key Points
  • Assessment
  • Certificate Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed