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Food and Agriculture Business Models - Pathway

Path to Profitability in Agribusiness (DN108)

• Course Pitch
This practical scenario deals with 2 different business contexts: One, a family business dealing with mango production in a tropical environment and the other a co-operation of a group of 10 greenhouse vegetable growers in the Netherlands.

Using these specific business contexts this course takes the learner through a set of dilemmas related to their competitiveness and profitability and how to approach resolving them. While the context is that of horticulture, the approach to overcoming the status-quo challenges and learning derived from it can be applied in a wide range of business contexts within food and agribusiness. If you operate in food and agribusiness you will be able to relate to the situations of this course and learn to approach and resolve them appropriately.

These Learning scenarios are designed to enhance learners' ability to:
1. Understand strategic and tactical dilemmas in an undifferentiated and unprofitable business context within food and agribusiness
2. Understand the approach to creating and delivering a differentiated and competitive value proposition
3. Action your understanding of the innovation dilemma the businesses are facing and learn from them

• Content & Assessment Guidelines
Please review the course outline below to set your expectations related to the content & certificate assessment needs for the course. You can complete the assessment and download Agribusiness Academy completion certificate. You can expect to complete this course and certification assessment in about 3-5 hours. We wish you a lot of success with the course/pathway and very sure that it will help you gain more clarity and execution confidence towards your outcome.

• Course & the Pathway Connection
This course can be pursued independently or as part of “Food and Agriculture Business Models” learning & reflection pathway. This pathway is structured to introduce participants to a range of topics related to food and agribusiness, equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand the functioning of different stakeholders within the food and agribusiness value chains. The pathway introduces the concept of a four-component business model framework and the courses are thoughtfully designed around various themes, applying this framework. This approach helps learners grasp the fundamentals of creating successful and profitable businesses in the food and agribusiness sector. If you choose to enroll in the pathway, you'll have the option to receive an extra certificate upon completing the reflection exercise for the pathway. Enrolling to the pathway also gives you access to our facilitators via the AA Slack channel. You can review and enroll to the full pathway by following this link: https://lms.agribusiness.academy/catalog/index/cat:194

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  • introduction
  • About this exercise sample
  • How to maximise your learning sample
  • Business Scenario 1 - The case of a Tropical fruit production company
  • Formulating the problem @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Dealing with food losses @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Outside-in perspective @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Value creation opportunities @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Pursuing the value creation @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Choice of technology @ Tropical Fruit Grower
  • Differentiated value proposition 1 @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • Differentiated value proposition 2 @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • Market positioning @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • Distribution strategy @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • Complementary chain partnerships @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • Food Sustainability @ Greenhouse Business Co-operation
  • feedback
  • Thank you & follow up
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever