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Digital Agriculture For Smallholder Farmers

Digital Agriculture for SmallHolder Farmers - Pathway Reflection (DASF)

• Reflection Exercise Pitch
This reflection exercise is relevant for you if you are enrolled in the “Digital Agriculture for SmallHolder Farmers” Learning & Reflection pathway. The objective of this exercise is to help you reflect on your critical takeaways from all the pathway learnings and reflection exercise.

The key objectives of the reflection assignment are to help you:

->Summarize the key takeaways from the module within your own business/work context
->Formulate the dilemmas around the Digital Agriculture for SmallHolder Farmers pathway learning
->Formulate the open questions and perspectives you would like to get an expert/facilitators perspective

Specifically, you will be made to reflect and provide your solutions/answers around the following:
->What are your key takeaways from this pathway?
->Which courses in this pathway did you find most relevant to the context of your business/outcomes?
->Are you able to design/review the value proposition for a digital innovation targeted at Small Holder Farmers?
->Are you able to design the value chains and other complementary partnerships needed to bring adoption to a digital innovation targeted at SmallHolder Farmers?
->Please go ahead and formulate any specific dilemmas that have occurred to you in relation to digital innovations for SmallHolder Farmers?
->Finally, you will have an opportunity to draft your questions/thoughts/suggestions/dilemmas you would like to bring along to your facilitators

• Reflection & the Pathway Connection
The reflection exercise can only be pursued within the context of the “Digital Agriculture for Small Holder Farmers” learning & reflection pathway. The pathway is designed to understand how digitalisation in smallholder farmer value chains (starting from pre-production all the way to retail & consumers) is impacting their decision-making capacity and productivity. The 5-courses in the pathway cover the hardware and digital innovations that are being deployed from crop choice, agri-input procurement, production management, crop health management, nutrition management, and harvest & post-harvest management. If you choose to enroll in the pathway, you'll have the option to receive an extra certificate upon completing the reflection exercise for the pathway. Enrolling in the pathway also gives you access to our facilitators via the AA Slack channel. You can review and enroll in the full pathway by following this link: https://lms.agribusiness.academy/catalog/index/cat:178

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