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Certificate in Circular Food Chains (CM001)


Course Overview

This concept of circularity is a big theme now because of sustainability and shortage of resources. What Circular Value Chains talk about is how can you reuse materials and resources; from ingredients to packaging, any sort of wastage is being reconsidered. You can trace this from sourcing all the way through to consumers.

The two important components of circular value chains are the technology and how businesses engage with each other.The technology component is sometimes a challenge but the technology is there; the issue is that the technology is not embedded into the correct business models. This course helps people develop business models using the right technologies so that circular value chains can be realised in practise.

Understanding of the food industry dynamics, understanding of what makes food sustainability, how to build business models for circularity.

This course is suitable for graduates, just entering the job market because they will have to focus on this throughout their career. It’s also important for entrepreneurs and business owners, and for professionals who need to understand the concepts and how to implement them. The actionable, practical content of this course will enable the learner to quickly develop and implement a plan to improve the circularity of their business.

Modules (6 different modules will be automatically allocated after acquiring this course)

• Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
• How Can we build a circular food value chain
• What are the Frameworks for designing a Food Business Model?
• Create a Business Model: Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer
• Changing the Food Game (Executive Seminar)
• Path to Profitability in Agribusiness
• Interactive Assessment : Reviewing different business models in food and agribusiness

Assessment Exam:

As part of the certificate, learners will have access to an expert assessment workshop to guage the level of level of understanding gained. This 60 minute session will have a 30 minute assessment test followed by a 30 minute feedback and Q & A session.


To achieve this certificate, the learner must finish up the modules and the interactive assessment exam with Agribusiness Academy expert.

Certificates will be issued in digital (PDF) format.

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  • Course guidelines - Start to Finish
  • Module 1: Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
  • Module 2: How can we build a circular food chain
  • Module 3: What are the Frameworks for designing a Food Business Model
  • Module 4: Create a business model for a snack and ingredient manufacturer
  • Module 5: Changing the Food Game
  • Module 6: Path to Profitability in Agribusiness
  • Interactive assessment: Reviewing business models in food and agribusiness
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed