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Certificate in AgTech Business Studies (CM006)


Course Details

The agribusiness industry is in need of a large amount of technological advancement, falling behind many sectors in the prevalence of digital within day-to-day activities. Agribusiness is also the most unsustainable industry, giving a huge opportunity for innovation around data, insights and technology products.

But the advancements must come in the right way; led by people all along the value chain. This certificate focuses on helping the learner to understand what technologies are needed and the business models that can be developed around them, including the review of some very interesting businesses in AgTech and blockchain to find out what entrepreneurs are already doing in this space.

This certificate will help you understand how should you bring technology into the food value chain, in a way that can make an impact but will also stand a good chance of being adopted by the sector. It is designed for those looking to work in the sector and those who are looking to bring an idea to life, either as an entrepreneur/start-up or someone working within large food businesses.

6 Modules

• Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
• Dynamics of Digital Agriculture
• Beyond Big Data: Digital Agriculture
• Business model review of Sickle Innovations
• Trading agriculture commodities using blockchain - Binkabi
• Reviewing AgTech Innovations
• Assessment exam : Interactive workshop reviewing the agtech innovations

Assessment Exam:

As part of the certificate, learners will have access to an expert assessment workshop to guage the level of level of understanding gained. This 60 minute session will have a 30 minute assessment test followed by a 30 minute feedback and Q & A session.


To achieve this certificate, the learner must finish up the modules and the interactive assessment exam with Agribusiness Academy expert.

Certificates will be issued in digital (PDF) format.

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  • Course guidelines - Start to Finish
  • Module 1 : Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
  • Module 2: Dynamics of Digital Agriculture
  • Module 3: Beyond Big Data - Digital Agriculture
  • Module 4: Business Model Review of Sickle Innovations
  • Module 5: Trading Agriculture commodities using Blockchain - Case of Binkabi
  • Module 6: Smart Irrigation using IOT - Workshop
  • Assessment exam: An interactive workshop reviewing an agtech innovation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed