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Blockchain Basics - Training and Coaching [ Feb - March 2018] (BS -001)


Mode of delivery: On-line interactive training and practice based coaching by Industry experts

Suitable for: Early professionals or graduating candidates looking to build a career on Blockchain, Business professionals/entrepreneurs willing to build a Blockchain practice by acquiring technical and practical aspects of Blockchain technology, established professionals planning to switch to Blockchain, or any technologist passionate to learn this revolutionising technology and take the early mover advantage!

Course promise: A successful completion of this course and coaching will help build a concrete understanding on the nuts and bolts of Blockchain and enhances the employability for graduates and early professionals in the Blockchain space. Once you have got the basics right through this course, you will be able to explore on your own how to build decentralized applications on the available Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger and the likes.

Duration : 5 weeks

Time-period : 17th of February to 17th of March

Interactive sessions duration: 2 hours/session, 2 sessions/week for 5 weeks

Coaching sessions: 3 group coaching sessions of 1 hour each over the course of 5 weeks

Recommended Self-study: 3-5 hours /week for the duration of the course

Blockchain is the new wave of disruption that has already started to redesign business, social and political interactions; and any other way of value exchange. In every country the demand for Blockchain technology professionals is shooting up. Our coaching experts understand the industry demand and can prepare you for a career in this space through this course tailored for you. If you are looking for an exciting career or looking to build your own application as an entrepreneur using Blockchain then this training and coaching program is appropriate for you.
This 7-session module will cover the following broad areas:
1. Introduction to Blockchain
2. Blockchain Basics
3. Bitcoin Basics
4. Developing Blockchain Applications
5. Other Blockchain platforms
6. The Ethereum Blockchain
7. Hands on experience on Blockchain development on Ethereum

In addition, group coaching sessions on the below modules (spread over 5 weeks) will help learners interact with experts in smaller groups, discuss technical challenges and gain Industry like experience:

1. Blockchain fundamentals
2. Blockchain for decentralized applications
3. Application Development on Ethereum

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